Love, Life, Relationships: 50 Days in the Song of Songs

cover image for As Good As It Gets Book

“Stephen Clark writes with the heart of a pastor, the mind of a theologian, and the spirit of a poet.”

“As Good As it Gets doesn’t get any better. Stephen Clark’s new book based on the Bible’s utimate love story, Song of Songs, is an opera without the tragedy.”

“Stephen Clark artfully takes the reader on a creative, sensitive, and God centered journey.”

“A rare achievement…this is simply a sparkling exposition of a mostly unstudied and unread part of the Bible.”

“Of all the famous books ever written, The Song of Songs has been designated as the finest ever produced or ever to be read on the subject of finding love, developing relationships, and experiencing life. Its title, The Song of Songs, is a superlative, an almost exaggerated expression of praise, which insists that this book is “the best of the best.”

Designed to be read as a devotional over fifty days, As Good as It Gets takes the reader through this greatest of love songs, delighting in its beauty and exploring its passion while discovering its insights into aspects of love and life such as praise, intimacy, affirmation, identity, insecurity, community, friendship, transformation, disruption, resolution, restlessness, rapture, confidence, dignity, disclosure, and freedom.

In the end the reader will discover much more than a manual on relationships or even what it takes to live a passionate and purposeful life. While remaining entirely honest about the realities of life, love, and relationships, The Song retains the remarkable ability to bring us into a life that is filled with joy and grace, beauty, and poetry.”

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