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  1. Oh my, I fear this may be a picayune question, but I want to ask it. In the prayer on page 9 you end with, “as a song given by you, for you, and unto you.” Could you please clarify the difference between for you and unto you? Thank you!

    • Thanks for your question!

      By “for you” I meant that our lives should be lived “for” the Lord, in service to him and dedicated to what he is doing in our world. By “unto you” I meant that our lives are to be lived in worship of him, not worried so much by what other think we should be doing, but in light of doing all things to his praise and glory.

      Hope this helps, and that the book will be a blessing to you!


      • Yes, your answer does help. Your book is full of ideas and perspectives that are new to me. I’m working hard to understand this newness, and I love such a challenge. May god richly bless you and yours.

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