Cover Art

“Two Souls” Klara Chavarria

Klara Chavarria is an internationally collected and acclaimed artist recognized for her philosophical and spiritual concepts which incorporate figurative and abstract elements transcending into creating a spontaneous, innovative and emotionally filled body of work.

Klara has a BFA from Kansas State University with a concentration in Painting and Design. She has a deep interest in life, nature, humanities, spirituality and social subjects as with the role that art has in human life.

Klara works in a variety of mediums using layers of color, gestures, strokes and textures in her work.

Klara’s work is in collections throughout the United States, Latin America and Europe, including a public collection piece exhibited at the Museum of Science and Industry and at O’Hare International Airport, both in Chicago, IL.. She has been invited and selected to exhibit as a contemporary independent artist at The Artist Project in Chicago during the Art Chicago Art Fair.